All Hong Kong corporations are required to have their accounts audited. Audit is also required under different circumstances such as IPO, M&A and investigation.


Our audit team offers professional and efficient assurance services to improve the quality of financial information and to reduce possible risks in inaccurate financial reporting. With our extensive knowledge in different industries, we help our clients to uncover both issues and opportunities through improved efficiency, performance and financial reporting. Our invaluable business insights enable us to provide strategic and constructive advice on issues which may have critical effect on our clients’ future growth and give their business the stability they need to manage effectively and efficiently in order to achieve their goals. Our staff are highly trained and committed to provide the highest quality and standard of services. We work regularly with, and provided expert services to, multinational corporations throughout Asia, Greater China, USA and UK, both in the private and public sectors.

Our principal areas of service include:

    • Financial Statements audit
    • Reporting accountants services
    • IFRS and US GAAP reporting services
    • Compliance and regulatory advice
    • Investigative audits