Litigation Support

Litigation support

The impact of incidents of fraud can be devastating, resulting in loss of valuable assets, loss of reputation, and the potential for lawsuits being brought against the company.  Our  investigation  and  dispute  services  team

offers expert litigation services to our clients in cases of fraud occurring due to improper conduct of fiduciary responsibilities. We make a thorough analysis of the whole case with detailed investigation and yet maintaining complete confidentiality for the client’s protection.  We assist clients and their legal counsel, through all phases of a case, by presenting informed analysis with quantification of potential damages, and provides independent advice on each single financial issue.

Our focus in this area includes:

  • Advice or Expert witness testimony
  • Asset tracing, retrieval and realization
  • Business and accounting reconstruction and analysis
  • Business and asset valuation
  • Contract disputes and insurance claims
  • Damage/loss determination
  • Director’s and auditor’s negligence
  • Marital dissolution matters
  • Money laundering investigations
  • Solvency reports

Our experienced team has an excellent reputation for providing cost-effective and practical solutions to the problems of financially distressed, underperforming businesses or assets.  We have been involved in a number of notable cases throughout the years, which have required us to trace and recover assets, and investigate a wide range of commercial disputes involving commercial frauds and matrimonial dealings.  One notable case involved a complex network of companies operating in different jurisdictions, including BVI and Bermuda.  We assisted our client successfully locate assets worth several billion Hong Kong dollars in Hong Kong.