Internal control

Internal control is defined as a process effected by a corporation’s structure, work and authority flows, people and management information systems, designed to help the  corporation  accomplish  specific  goals or  objectives.

Corporations put in place internal controls to guard the integrity of its financial and accounting information, build up operational efficiency, safeguard assets and avoid fraud and error.

Our professional team is experienced and dedicated. We assess our clients’ risks based on understanding of their background, business and the environment in which they operate. Our broad industry knowledge enables us to adequately master our clients’ issues and needs. We are client-focused and charged with the objective of delivering informed and timely advices to our clients.

Our principal areas of service include:

    • Review of business processes
    • Review of internal control system
    • Set up internal control system
    • Assess monitoring environment and set up monitoring management
    • Assess and manage risks