Corporate Services

PRC services

We have an established presence in both the Hong Kong and the Mainland China market.  With our ever-

increasing network of qualified affiliates in various provinces and cities throughout China, we are able to connect our clients with experienced professionals.  With a blend of international and local industry experience, our KLC team is available to assist our clients in evaluating and executing their business needs.
With China emerging as a growing economic power in recent years, we have seen an influx of investors setting up businesses in China.  Consequently, there are greater demands for commercial advisory services in forming and managing business entities in China.  We are able to provide our clients with a full range of services from professional and insightful advice, practical assistance on the laws and regulations relating to the formation of various business entities, government application/documentation, tax planning, accounting services, review of internal control systems and much more.  And should the situation require, we also provide rescue and recovery services in the region.
From our extensive understanding and experience throughout a broad range of industries, we can assist our clients by identifying their needs and tailoring business structures to suit their particular requirement.  We know that our team of highly dedicated professionals will support clients within various business environments and cultures to accomplish their corporate and strategic objectives.