Mr. Barry J. Buttifant


Managing Director

Barry joined KLC in 2009. He is a qualified accountant in both the UK and Hong Kong.

After qualification, he started his career in Kenya as a finance director to a listed group in diverse food processing businesses, eventually becoming managing director. He later relocated back to the UK as finance director of a UK listed company in the brewing industry. In 1979, he moved to Hong Kong and joined Sime Darby as a finance director and became managing director in 1982, eventually listing the group in an HK IPO. In 1987, he joined an unlisted JV business involving Polly Peck, a UK listed conglomerate, as regional Managing Director. In 3 years the HK group expanded ten fold largely through M&A with businesses in textiles, consumer products and agriculture in PRC, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. In 1992 he joined IDT International, an HK listed consumer electronics company, as managing director, growing that business from a loss making activity on sales of USD 65 million to an USD 45 million p.a. profit in 2000 on sales of USD 335 million and group market capitalization of the company grew from USD 35 million in 1992 to over USD 600 million in 2000, including 3 IPO’s he engineered in Singapore.

Since 2000, he has worked in private equity situations and in SME HK public companies involved in property, manufacturing and trading. In these instances he acted as mainly Managing Director with emphasis on business and corporate development. His work covered business operations, market development, resizing, corporate restructuring, fund raising, IPO and M&A, concentrating on operations. They have all returned to an improved profitability and remain in business to this time.

He has extensive experience in corporate finance, M&A and restructuring work and in business operations in HK; PRC; and other jurisdictions in Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan. Barry considers himself a practical hands-on manager who strives to develop businesses (organically and via M&A), and work in recovery situations, for the benefit of all stakeholders.

He currently acts as an Adviser/Consultant and is an Independent Non-Executive Director of an Hong Kong listed company.